About Us

We produce great ideas and contribute to building a great world

Who are we?

Ar. M Faisal Asghar specializes in the planning and design of innovative facilities for clients.

Established in 2001, Faisal Asghar Associates (FAA) is an architectural firm specializing in the planning and design of innovative facilities and in serving the clients with highly specialized design solutions.

What we do:

We offer a full range of services to match the diverse needs of our clients and to ensure an appropriate and total solution for each project. Our scope of services include:

3D Animation Expertise
Computer Aided Shop Drawings, & Detailing
Interior Design
Landscape Design
Structural Design
Electrical Design
Mechanical Design
Public Health Design
Construction Management
All sort of documentation as B.O.Qs, Eng. Estimates, etc.

Why choose us?

From concept, through development and into project completion, FAA is committed to a design approach, which demands the full creative involvement of the architect and the client. The process is one of listening, asking, analyzing and engaging each client as a participant in design. The goal is to reveal the project’s singular nature and to discover through design an identity that is individual and memorable.

We understand the influences that site and architecture exert upon one another. We strive to demonstrate a respect for both planning and design solutions that emphasize function, human comfort, aesthetics, environmental sensitivity, and a correlation to client program needs.

Creating something is only done by wisdom, critical thinking and the knowledge one has acquired. An architect’s creation is one that is his own and has everything organized according to his nation’s needs.


Our philosophy

Irritating problems:

  1. Any serious problems related to planning flaws
  2. Structural damage
  3. Household services

All of them can easily be solved by us.

The Solutions:

  1. We provide easy solutions.
  2. With less expenditure.
  3. Done with high quality.

Final Assessment:

  1. Long lasting solutions.
  2. Solution to problems with readily available materials.
  3. Peace of mind.

Our Skills